What is total skin rejuvenation?

What is total skin rejuvenation?

and why is it important for great skin now and in the future?


Skin is a complex organ and there are many features that comprise what the human eye perceives as great skin. We can add up to 12 years to our perceived age with skin redness and uneven texture. Fortunately, there are a few solutions.

Poor skin health can be indicated by redness, excess pigmentation, spots, irregularities like bumps, limps and scars, as well as open pores and spots.

Good skin health is what the human eye perceives as great skin. This can include firmness and bounce, even texture and colour. In summary, a lack or irregularities.

For the majority of these irregularities, skin benefits from treatment that delivers:
– increased collagen production (for firmness)
– increased elastin production (for bounce)
– increased water funding protein (for plumpness)
– increased blood circulation (for health and glow)
– decreased pore size (for texture)

We are very pleased to offer a non invasive, no downtime treatment that covers all these key benefits – it’s called Laser Genesis.

Genuine Laser Genesis is an innovative technology, a proven collagen stimulator and anti-ageing laser treatment that delivers controlled energy for vibrant and health skin.
Forcing increased production of collagen and elastin helps achieve optimal cell renewal, and as a result, more refined pores, increased skin firmness and resilience and more.

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