Trying to get my sexy back – Treatment Journey – Pip Kelly

Trying to get my sexy back – Treatment Journey – Pip Kelly

Monday  17th  September 

I  received  a  very exciting and rather  timely  call  from  my beauty  therapist  Peta  of  Will and Peta Bondi Junction,  regarding my luck of being the winning mum chosen to have a makeover to be revealed on the 16th of Oct at The Mama Club.

I had no idea of what that involved but imagined that she would do some complimentary, like a few facials and maybe a little Anti-wrinkle with the girls from Face Today and that would be about it.

Peta  told  me  that  Helen  from  Face  Today  Mediclinic  would  be  calling  to  arrange  a  meeting as well. I Spoke  to Helen  who  sounded  lovely  and  we  arranged  to  meet  at  the  fabulous  Mama’s  Club  in  Bondi   Junction  on Thursday  at  10am  to  go  over  what  her  side  of  the  transformation  would   be  about.

Thursday 20th September:

I  work  a few  nights  per  week  managing  a  busy  office  after  hours,  sometimes  finishing  as  late  as   2am.  I  had  worked  a  late  night  on  the  Wednesday  so  didn’t think   too  much  about  the  meeting  and  certainly  hadn’t  prepared  for  it  as  I  would  have  liked  to  (a but if lippie  would have been a good  idea  or  even  concealer)  but  I  arrived and saw the  stunning  Will  and   Peta  were  there,  along  with  Helen  and  Nicki from  Face  Today  – all  looking  beautifully  radiant,  and  a   PHOTOGRAPHER!

I  was  a  little  unprepared  for  that,  and  when  I  was  asked  if  I  was  here  for  the  photoshoot,  I  said  I hope not (could I look any worse!) but it seems I was and I was  photographed  in  between  Will  and  Nicki (two  glamazons)  and   me,  sleep  deprived,  no  make  up,  feeling  old  and  frumpy!

Before I knew it my exciting journey had begun with a bang!

Notes from appointments:

Monday 24th – Regen  treatment:

Face Today Mediclinic

Went to face today’s stunning clinic in Chatswood and meet with my mentors for the journey – Wendy, Caz, Nicki and Helen.

Wendy is my woman! Yay, I really liked her straight away.

In fact everyone there is delightful.  So there was no apprehension once I was there. Plus the injectors I meet we’re all RN’s which really made me happy.  My mum was an nurse so I have complete faith!

We started by taking digital images of my face in this amazing machine, (Visia )The amount of uv damage was a real worry, I was quite shocked and have since covered up religiously with the Face Today sunscreen ‘PARASOL’.

I was then taken up to a lovely treatment room where I felt like a VIP. Robyn took my blood with ease.  Best ever I think (I always have trouble with blood)

I couldn’t believe I was having this ‘VAMPIRE’ treatment, however I had prepared by reading the website and any other information available to me and the girls also informed me of all the benefits and talked me through the whole procedure. Robyn then separated it into plasma and put some numbing cream on my face, neck, decolletage and I sucked back copious amounts of happy gas. (felt great)

She then injected the plasma from my own blood into my face, neck and decolletage. It was relatively painless and I felt really comfortable during the treatment. It was definitely the most amount of injecting I have had done. I only ever experienced Anti-Wrinkle once. Loved it!


My face is a little swollen and bruised  but I couldn’t wait to see the results.

Pip K  x

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