The Lip Queen and her secrets

The Lip Queen and her secrets

The secret of Nicki’s great natural-looking lip enhancement is in her skilled artistic approach.


Instead of just inflating the lip pads, she looks at the way light bounces off the surfaces and how the fuller contours create shadows.

See the faint double lines running from the base of your nose to the points of the Cupid’s bow, the little dints in the mouth corners, the shadowing below the line of your lower lip?

That’s what Nicki looks at before she decides where she’s going to place tiny amounts of very soft-textured dermal filler, in order to create a three-dimensional sculpted effect that moves naturally as you speak, smile – and kiss!

She wants the peaks of your Cupid’s bow and the outline of your upper lip to subtly catch the light, defining the characteristic shape of your mouth, the lower lip to create a full shape that is complementary, without looking pumped up or sulky.

Lastly she ensures that your mouth is in a pleasing proportion to your other features. Beautifully sculpted lips can improve the appearance of a long chin or upper lip, make your nose look smaller and prettily point out the sight path to your eyes.

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