Retinol+AHA = trouble ?

Retinol+AHA = trouble ?

Whilst you don’t need to be a chemist to choose good skincare, there are some finer points to selecting your best regime from the many good products available.

We have heard a lot of talk about products you can and can’t use with Retinol or Vitamin A – one of our favourite anti-ageing ingredients – to get great results. Retinol is a powerful anti-oxidant that means it’s a key anti-ageing ingredient and should be part of just about all skin care regimes. It is also an important skin-restoring ingredient. Its effects contribute to a glowing, healthy, smooth and vibrant skin.

Retinol impacts on multiple levels of skin tissue, which makes it quite unique, and if you are over 25 and not including a good Vitamin A product in your daily skincare, you might want to review that.

Vitamin A + AHA or BHA = trouble
There is no evidence that retinol and either AHA or BHA are less effective when used together. There has been some confusion about the low pH of AHA or BHA affecting the efficacy of retinol.
And the idea that you can’t use Vitamin A during the day is not valid as we always recommend use of a sunscreen, not matter what other products are included in your regime. And we know from peer-reviewed research that retinol’s stability is unaffected when used with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Vitamin A + Vitamin C = trouble
Retinol’s quality is unaffected when paired with other ingredients including Vitamin C, which is another misunderstanding. Research indicated that Vitamin C, and in particular ascorbic acid, requires a low pH to remain stable. Fortunately, pH, or acidity of skin, does not effect retinol, so these are fine to use together – neither will be destabilised or made less effective when part of your skincare regime. In fact there is some research that indicates Vitamin C helps retinol remain effective longer.

‘Research has shown that a combination of vitamins in cosmetics is the way to achieve the best results, including the combination of vitamins A, C, and E.‘

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