Post Traumatic

Post Traumatic

Face Today Mediclinic, non-surgical Cosmetic industry is not just for the young and beautiful, it is for everyone. Treatments are much more than skin deep and it is much more than just beauty: it is the restoration of self-confidence and the wonderful feeling that comes with looking well, fresh and happy. The heart and soul benefits much so much more; it restores a zest for life and gives back the endless possibilities to those who have denied themselves the opportunity to experience life to the fullest, because of their appearance.

The use of antiwrinkle and filler is no longer classed as non-essential beauty aids for the wealthy or for vanity.

An individual affected by trauma, disease or birth defects to the face and body has it as a daily visual reminder of the changes that have occurred, and of course the emotional impact is a form of trauma as well.

The trauma, accidents, injury, disease, birth defects, Bell’s palsy and even just unbalanced or unattractive facial features, changes the way a woman (or man) feels their looks represents who they are to the world.

It affects their perceived identity!

The changes or differences to the face can alter the way that they are perceived and very often, the individual can feel that they are a different person on the inside, compared with how they appear to others, on the outside. The scars and defects left behind after the skin has healed, serve as a constant reminder of the injury or illness.

Our great passion is to restore harmony and balance and where possible, some function, to the face of a person who has experienced both physical and emotional trauma as well as the man or woman who have difficulty with their aging appearance.

The use of Fillers, Anti-wrinkle and regenerative treatments come into their own in terms of excellence in this emotive area.

As Practitioners, we share in the joy of their transformation. Our clients feel that they have been given their life back and the mirror can finally reflect how they feel inside.

Those who live with the visible effects as described above, often put limits on themselves.

After the restoration treatments, we have seen the return of self-confidence; new relationships formed; new social interactions and a reduction in self-imposed isolation. Our ability as Practitioners to make these changes using Injectable treatments is an honour and a privilege.

For the client, it is another step toward healing and moving forward; with a smile.

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Lauren Huxley

Nicole Jackson-Belle RN, CEO and founder of Face Today Mediclinic and her team of practitioners have been privileged to transform the life of Lauren Huxley and the lives of her terribly traumatised family.

You may remember the tragic story of the attack on Lauren Huxley in 2005, a Sydney teenager, who was beaten and left to die. She endured five years of corrective surgery but needed final finishing touches to her face to complete her transition back to beauty and balance to her facial features.

Without the help of Face Today, Lauren would still have had evident facial trauma to live with and look at each day.
Lauren’s mother, Chris also suffered along with her daughter, which showed in premature aging to her face.

Nicole and her talented team transformed both women back to beauty and freshness and, as Lauren describes, “I look normal now”. Chris is also delighted that she looks fresh and doesn’t look “sad” anymore.

Nicole explains, “Through many repeated surgeries, the plastic surgeons were able to reconstruct damaged orbital bone with grafts, yet her left eye remained sunken. Nicole and her team worked on filling the cheekbone and reshaping the tissue above the eye to bring it slightly forward and lower. Her undamaged temple was narrower than the reconstructed one, so we worked to fill it out. I was able to add layers to the bone and reconstruct the tissue around the eye socket, to nearly the state that Lauren had prior to her attack.”

This area is highly skilled area and Plastic Surgeons refer to us for finishing touches as they are not skilled in Non-Surgical Rejuvenation.

If you want to find out more, please view the full PDF article on Lauren’s and her family’s treatments.


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