Our Winter Skin Wish List

Our Winter Skin Wish List

For many people, the clear cold clear days of winter bring a rosy glow to their cheeks. For many, the cool weather brings an uncomfortable dryness and tightness to skin due to external weather conditions and the dry heat of home, office and car.

The team at Face Today MediClinic have a wide range of solutions for skin at any time of year. Our Winter Skin Wish List looks like this:

3 steps, 30 minutes. The best skin of your life!
This award winning, multi step facial treatment will bring a rosy glow to cheeks starting with cleansing, extracting and hydrating. You can add different boosters and conditions depending you your skin needs and goals, so the treatment is entirely customisable.

Clinical Peel:
Exfoliate, improving your pore size and reduce fine lines on your skin with a custom clinical skin peel. Your peel can also have a calming or hydrating effect, depending on the choice of product.

Injectable Hydrator:
The secret to dewy, celebrity-worthy skin may be the intensive injectable skin booster in the skilled hands of our cosmetic nurses. You’ve probably seen the international campaign with Sharon Stone – well that soft and youthful skin comes courtesy of some highly scientific research and development. The treatment is the top end of hydration science and involves a number of tiny injections with very thin needles and a naturally occurring skin acid, and the effect will last for many months.

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