Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Nicole Belle


Founder of Sydney’s Face Today Clinic


After 30 years in the medical industry, Nicole Belle realised her skills, sound medical training and sensitive, empathetic approach would be put to good use in the emerging field of non-invasive (non-surgical) anti-ageing therapies.


Knowing how much a woman’s self-esteem, confidence and abilities to overcome life’s difficulties depends on her appearance, Nicole set out to become the best in the business. She trained with national and international leaders in the use of dermal fillers and muscle relaxants, ran workshops with pioneers in the profession in Australia and Europe, worked with the newest, break-through products and quickly became the “go to” expert for doctors and nurses wanting to enter this fascinating field.


Nicole’s constant pursuit of excellence and perfection in the subtle art of facial rejuvenation has given her a high profile in the media, in particular in her role as the anti-ageing expert on Susie Elelman’s show for WIN TV, with regular monthly advice and demonstration segments.


When someone has the desire for a more relaxed, youthful and attractive appearance, it may be linked with such watershed life events as divorce, career change, menopause, a loss of love or the search for a new one.  Whatever the underlying reason, Nicole and her team bring to each client not only the artist’s eye and hand, but an understanding heart.


As a result of her natural artistic eye and passion, experience and facility for achieving a natural, aesthetically pleasing result, Nicole is frequently selected by the leading brands of dermal fillers and muscle relaxants  to trial their products and to ran workshops for her colleagues, all of whom are themselves doctors and nurses.


Nicole has been chosen to be the trainer and educator for innovative products such as the calcium-based dermal filler Radiesse, and for Q-med, used to perfect the lips and treat age-related hollowness around the eyes (“orbital rim elevation”).


Face Today was the launch clinic for Regen PRP, better known as the Vampire treatment, the most recent break-through in stem cell research and natural rejuvenation, with Nicole demonstrating the product and technique at the 2009 cosmetic surgery conference in Adelaide, 2010 Sydney and 2008 in Gold Coast.


As one of the ‘top nine injectors’ in Australia (the other eight being doctors), Nicole was invited to participate in an exclusive workshop with Dr. Michael Kane, the pioneer specialist in injecting techniques in Sydney and to present at the Restylane symposium held in 2009 in Hong Kong.  Only the four most innovative practitioners in South East Asia were asked to demonstrate the art of full facial rejuvenation with these products.


Nicole and her team at Face Today believe so, and so do their satisfied clients.  They have a more youthful, relaxed appearance to prove it, and the increased confidence and vitality that goes with knowing you look your best.