Love a Red Lip

Love a Red Lip

We love a red lip for a reason.

When asked, most men don’t have a very strong opinion about cosmetics and they are unlikely to recommend a lipstick shade as a prefer either but underneath, they love a red lip.

How could we know that? Well..glad you asked.

A study by the University of Manchester established that men really are attracted to lipstick and red is their favourite colour, even if they don’t know it themselves.
In the study, researchers tracked the eye movements of 50 men while they were viewing different images of women and established that the subjects spent longer looking at the women wearing red lipstick.

They found that they spent 7.3 seconds staring at red lips, 6.7 seconds on those with pink lips, and 2.2 seconds on those who wore no lipstick.’
The scientists said male customers associated red lips with “oestrogen levels, sexual arousal and health”.

So men notice lipstick, but can that be a surprise?

Another study by University of Southern Brittany found that waitresses who wore red lipstick on the job received tips from male customer 66% more often than those those wearing brown, pink or no lipstick. The study asked men why they tipped those specific waitresses more and they acknowledged that it was because they found them more attractive.

So grab that confidence-boosting red lipstick and feel good about using it.
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