Grow more Youthful with Regen PrP

Grow more Youthful with Regen PrP

Grow more youthful with Regen Platelet Rich Plasma…

We are convinced at Face Today, that Regen PRP is the way forward in non-surgical cosmetic treatments! Since we starting using it back in 2008 as the launch clinic in Australia, we keep discovering new applications for it and continue to see the benefits years after the first treatment.

The notion of harnessing your own body’s healing and repair mechanisms to rejuvenate your own skin, is a huge appeal to most people.  It sounds too simple: we take a few blood samples, separate the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells in the sample using specifically technology and re-inject the plasma back into your skin. After years of thinking that platelets did little more than assist in the blood clotting cascade, we are now starting to understand their many other roles and properties. Once activated, they release various growth factors and stimulating chemicals into the skin to promote new collagen production and increased blood supply into the skin. The result is rejuvenated skin with improved elasticity and texture.

It can be a great option as a stand-alone treatment for younger people wishing to maintain their youthful appearance, but equally great to be used in conjunction with other treatments like muscle relaxant injections, dermal fillers or radiofrequency treatments. It is particularly good for the eye area that can be prone to fine lines and a crêpey appearance. It is also a popular choice for along the jawline and under the chin to help tighten and redefine; and across the neck and décolletage to help rejuvenate photoaged skin.  We are now discovering its beneficial effects on the back of the hands, elbows and knees and even post-pregnancy “mummy tummies.”

You can sometimes get a bit of bruising afterwards, so it best to plan ahead to recover and start growing a rejuvenated version of yourself!

Dr Stephen Lowe

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