Design Your Face

Design Your Face

It’s a called a ‘Designer Face’ because we can actually design, change and enhance facial features non-surgically!

Advanced Medical science has given us this ability as Cosmetic Injectors with a unique artistic eye. It is not just for the rich and famous….it’s for everyone who wants to bring out the beauty in their face. Some people are born with natural symmetry; others come to Face Today to have their facial features tweaked with a cosmetic artist to help restore and re-balance their natural beauty.


Beauty is a balance of facial features, so when we use the term ‘Designer Face’ it is recognising which features need to be balanced and enhanced or redesigned. It all begins with the skull; this is the foundation of your beauty. Facial features such as cheek bones can be enhanced to give lift and height to the cheeks which can resemble the fabulous cheeks belonging to likes of Kim Kardasian or we can create the famous ‘Angelina Jaw angle’. We can redesign the angles of your nose non- surgically. At Face Today we can basically redefine, reshape whatever annoys you about your face to help you achieve and restores the balance.

Can anyone have one?

Almost everyone can benefit from balancing the symmetry of their facial features. The decision to change or enhance the facial features is a personal choice. Face Today delivers a very subtle result that it is natural and difficult to detect except for the fact that the person looks fabulous! We can turn you from “Pretty to Princess”.

Is designer face achievable for all patients?

Absolutely! We see the beauty in every face and build and expand upon it.

Will I look like someone else or just a better me?

Definitely a better you! Everyone has a different combination of facial features and so it is impossible to look like anyone else other than a fresher more beautiful or handsome you.

How long does it take to achieve?

It’s a journey! With medical science and the tools that we have, you will look fresher, possibly “younger” than when you first came to Face Today. As each year goes by, you can look better and fresher…it’s your choice……aging gracefully is exactly what we aim to achieve.

Is it affordable?

It is an individual journey and so we design the treatment plan to suit budgets and expectations.

Kardashian Curves DYF

Male Designer Face DYF

Natural Liquid Face Lift DYF

Slow Lift DYF

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