Daily use of Sunblock can help to prevent life threatening melanoma!

Daily use of Sunblock can help to prevent life threatening melanoma!

At Face Today we know that wearing sunblock daily is vital! 


When UV rays penetrate the skin they cause damage to the collagen and can result in leathery, sagging skin, premature wrinkles, general appearance of ageing and as we like to call it here at Face Today, crinkly, crusty skin. Did you know that is doesn’t even have to be a sunny day for you to suffer these ageing effects from UV rays? On top of potential damage on overcast days, may Australians are exposed to UV rays when they don’t even realise it. Do you ever sit by a window, in the car, nip out for a coffee, pop the cloths on the line….without wearing sun block? every minute in the sun adds up.

Wearing SPF daily could be one of the most important things you ever do for your looks and health. A great quality zinc based sunblock is about the BEST anti-ageing cream there is on the market.

Here at Face Today we also know that along with it’s anti-ageing quality’s, sunblock has a wonderful little side effect!

Daily use of sunblock can help to prevent life threatening melanoma!

A number of years ago an Australian research team recruited over 1600 participants who either receive standard advice on how to use sunblock, or who were given sunblock along with careful instructions and supervision on its use. After 15 years, there were twice the number of melanomas in the group members who applied sunblock ‘now and then’, compared to the daily use group.

“It provides the first scientific data that shows that sunscreen can be beneficial for melanoma prevention,” a statement made by Professor Adele Green from the QLD Institute of Medical Research, in regards to this study which appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2010.

We find it so exciting that Australia is in the forefront of melanoma research. We are the first country in the world to put forward such a study. We love that we have such talented and knowledgeable researchers in our country. And I for one will reap the rewards of the 15 years of research. I am proud to say I use Sunblock EVERYDAY.

From my perspective this means that if you haven’t found a broad spectrum sunblock that you love enough to wear every day, you need to visit Face Today as a matter of life and death (literally).

Back soon with more beauty and health info:

Kirsten Twine, RN

Cosmetic Injector – Registered Nurse – Skin Technician – Body Contour Specialist

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